about me

Keren Allouche


From Tel Aviv come the designs of Keren Allouche for her label ALLOUCHE.


In 2005 she graduated SHENKAR high college of engineering and design.

As a design student, with her innovative unique and diverse attitude she caught the attention of the critics at the final exhibition and got the highest professional evaluation.


The fashion brand ALLOUCHE was launched in 2007.

The premiere collection called an "Evening street wear" and was presented at the international  "Premium exhibition" in Berlin, during the Mercedes fashion week


In 2009, ALLOUCHE performed in a fashion show, in Chicago, USA, that was a gesture to the young up coming Israeli designers, and increase the international activity.


In 2012 Keren Allouche opened her first shop.


The inspiration for the collections is effected by the modification, developments and the fast life style of our world today.

Globalization, East mixing with West, creating a new unique brand.                                     

The collections provide a sense of effortless cool. The edgy, chic look of her pieces make it easy to dress them up for nighttime parties or dress down during the day for casual nonchalance,